Ashes of Creation Kickstarter Livestream 2017-05-26

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Notes: [1]


  1. Notes:
  2. Beautiful Piano Music!

[1:40] #AoC fastest growing kickstarter community

  1. Questions from Discord and Twitch today
  2. Passed 13000 backers, unlocks unique dye set
    1. Dyes are one-time use.
    2. Kickstarter dye set changes a dye you’ve achieved in-game to your color
  3. 6 days remaining, coming on 2.5 million goal

Discord and Twitch Chat Q&A

Template:Ts"5:00Will you allow us to save our UI settings

  1. Yes, will be savable

[5:27] How will blacksmithing work? Will it be like traditional or quick time-events?

  1. Combination of collecting materials and recipes
  2. Dials that are available to manipulate the stats

[6:22] For the royalty package on KS, will be able to stream the session to our channels (private QnA)?

  1. Probably be under NDA
  2. Depends on what we’re discussing

[7:21] Will the kickstarter items be permanent to use? Mounts?

  1. Mounts will have unique looks/effects
  2. Mentions transparency, spectral, flames
  3. Don't want to give you a single mount that will be obsolete
  4. You take the “skin” and apply to a mount you’ve earned in-game.
  5. You keep the stats of the original, have appearance of KS skin.
  6. Can re-use.

[9:16] Aside from races, what did you take inspiration of from Lord of the Rings?

  1. Hard to tell
    1. Difficult to unpack the large amount of inspiration that LotR gives to the vast majority of fantasy media.
    2. Mentions of Sting, Frodo's sword, and how it had a story, wasn’t just a +1 Sword.

[10:58] Will the religions rival each other in belief, or are they all just unrelated?

  1. They are all related
  2. We are talking of a “pantheon”
  3. It is about which god “best identifies with you”
  4. Each god has a specific part of the world/region they relate with
    1. More like the Greek Pantheon, for example.
  5. No direct combativeness between the religions.
  6. Competition between the religions due to progression mechanics
    1. A city might have one temple slot, which religion gets that slot?
  7. In the pantheon of gods they are in antagonists (Literally the word antagonists is said). That’s it.

[13:30] Is the music at the beginning Intrepids?

  1. Yes. We will reveal more about the music at a later date.

[13:43] Will there be a level cap?

  1. Yes.
    1. In regards to the adventure path.
    2. Different routes of progression.

[13:30] Can we cover our character’s bodies in tattoos?

  1. Talking about different potential options for how it could work
    1. Haven’t really thought about it too much.
    2. No real answer.

[15:33] Do we have evil gods or demonic beings to worship?

  1. Little bit of a reveal
    1. Beginning of the universe was a result of group of gods/beings, 10 of them.
    2. Celestial struggle happened.
    3. Those gods fractured(?)
    4. Two components of Good and Evil.
      1. Potential for some storylines to relate to that Evil half.
        1. Maybe not Evil, but Dark (2spooky)
  2. Short answer, yes.

[17:04] Do you like cookies?

  1. Yes.
  2. Pete doesn’t like cookies.
  3. Jeffrey likes cookies after ramen.
  4. Steven likes macadamia Nut cookies

[17:38] Some gameplay please?

  1. OK.
    1. Will be releasing freehold content on youtube after stream

[18:10] Will you discuss banking / if there will be shared spaces between alts?

  1. Account management page for KS items, can assign items to characters.
    1. Can move items to characters
    2. Can only be on one character at a time
  2. In game items, probably not.
    1. Staying away from it for now, still discussing.

[19:05] Can the cleric skills do extra damage to corrupted monsters/players?

  1. Something they alluded to in a dev blog maybe?
    1. One of the Cleric utility skills.
      1. They have control over life, which gives them control over the status of life.

[19:50] Bikini plate armour for females?

  1. Wouldn't really serve a purpose to have bikini-plate armor
  2. Should be protective
  3. Enjoyable for some people, immersion issue
  4. Going for more realistic look.

[20:46] Will each race have their own armor and weapon appearances?

  1. Yes.
    1. Armour sets/pieces will have unique appearances for each race.
      1. Plate armour will look like plate armour, but different for each race.

[21:20] How does the sub-type of the race affect gameplay?

  1. Quite a few different ways
    1. Affects class.
      1. Race aspected abilities
      2. Augments
    2. Stats grow in different ways for each sub race
      1. Base stats will be different, so will stat growth.
    3. Appearance and NPCs in nodes will be different for each race.

[22:22] If a guild all bought monster coins, would they all be able to wreak havoc (same time)?

  1. No.
    1. Owning a monster coin does not allow you to spawn a monster.
    2. Monster coin events will occur because of triggers.
      1. Defeating a boss, building a special building, many different things.
  2. On a trigger, people who own coins will enter a queue based on procurement of a coin.
      1. Difficult for groups to get in all at once
  3. Aware that if a system can be gamed, it will be gamed
      1. Can’t participate in a monster event in an area that you are a citizen of.
      2. Supposed to more be monster participation in a public quest.

[22:45] How will the difficulty of monsters be determined? Will it be based on the land/node?

  1. Bit of both
  2. 3Naturally there will areas with a mix of monster levels
    1. As nodes develop, spawn tables change for nodes around that node.
    2. Zones are not level based
      1. No level 10 zone, level 20 zone
      2. Each zone will have a mix of monster levels.
  3. Trying to make progression more dynamic, less linear

[26:00] For crafting, will recipes be automatically be learned, or will we go out and find the recipes?

  1. Finding recipes, for the most part.
  2. Something we're talking about: when someone finds a recipe, they get a period of time to “patent” the recipe out.
  3. You can license out a recipe from a boss for a fee (TBA)

[27:58] Game Play Footage, the Imperian Elven Freehold

[28:18] How will we know how much of x item we will need to evolve a node?

  1. You won’t know the exact amount.
  2. You will see a relative growth, but cannot track percentage or number

[29:07] Will there be any server vs server PvP?

  1. Something we’ve discussed
    1. Arenas possibly
    2. Military metropolis possibly being cross-server
    3. We like the cross-server play

[30:35] When do you think you will have your royal and above pledgers come to visit studios?

  1. We don't know yet.
  2. We will have a couple of dates for multiple groups.
  3. We will be in communication with them.

[31:32] Will underground nodes use the same caravan routes as above-ground routes?

  1. Will be underground as well.
  2. Potential routes go underground.
  3. Advantages and disadvantages

[32:17] Will users be able to purchase party items (i.e. fireworks, toys)

  1. Definitely
  2. Not for repelling monsters
  3. Fireworks are big

[33:06] Can you be a good tank without using a shield? (i.e shadowknight)

  1. Yes, totally.
  2. Evasion tanks, shield tanks, etc.
  3. Tanks will not be forced to have a shield

[33:42] How come Steven only steals Jeff’s Water?

  1. One of the great life mysteries.

[34:22] Will players gathering and building a village purely out of freeholds be viable?

  1. Depends on story
  2. Will not be a proper village
  3. Cannot place a freehold without a village stage node or above
  4. Can for RP or aesthetics place freeholds near each other

[35:11] Am I able to start up a tavern on a ship?

  1. Not something we’ve considered
  2. Totally should have a party boat

[36:19] What role will alliances play in regards to guild wars and siege?

  1. All in how you use it.
  2. Some alliance mechanics are at play
    1. You will have alliance indicators where you can invite guilds
    2. Alliance wars, war between guilds or alliances
  3. Will discuss more about those systems in the Guild Wars blog

[37:16] Will there be flying mounts in any form?

  1. Dragon that is claimable by kings/queens and metropolis leaders
  2. Could be a world boss drop, that would die over time
  3. Generally flying is something we don't want to do.
  4. We don't want you flying over the world skipping content
  5. Reserving dragons to very few people

[38:33] If AoC becomes a huge hit, do you think you will bring it to console?

  1. Our goal with AoC is a perfectly built game to PC first.
  2. Future can possibly be a single-player RPG
  3. Always back of our head

[39:35] How will the new race we may unlock interact with the other races? Will they be hostile or friendly?

  1. This race can go to the surface. Vice-versa
  2. It is a player-race.
  3. Will be like any other race.

[40:42] Will we ever do a meet and greet for fans?

  1. We will be at PAX Prime.
    1. September
    2. Wasn’t supposed to announce yet (laughs)
  2. We will try to be at the major conferences.

[41:37] What happens if I breed a horse with a turtle?

  1. You get a hortle.
  2. Animal husbandry has different classes of mounts that are breedable.
    1. Breed horses with horses

[42:26] What about underealm nodes? If it exists how will it be sieged?

  1. They exist.
  2. They are sieged the same way.
  3. Still balanced with the other sieges.

[43:20] Can summoners fuse with their summons? Like synthesis?

  1. I don't think we will have a fusing system - probably not.
  2. Not currently in cards.

[44:00] Are you only stuck with elven gear if you are elven or can you choose what style you want?

  1. Freeholds you can choose whatever styles you want.
  2. You are not locked in armor.

[44:38] Is node citizenship necessary, can you lose out by not choosing one?

  1. No you do not.
  2. Yes you will lose out on certain citizenship things
    1. Will not be paying taxes
  3. You can be technically just a bandit

[45:38] Can you tell us more about mounts? If they die are they lost forever?

  1. No.
  2. The dragon is a mount you can lose if you lose your title.
  3. May be epic timed mounts
  4. Traditional mounts will not be killable (permanently)

[46:42] Can you breed those special/epic mounts?

  1. No you cannot.
  2. You can breed mounts that you find in the wild as you move through the breeding tree.

Forum Questions

[47:28] Will there be a mechanism for AFK guild leaders to transfer?

  1. Been talking about that.
  2. There is a lot of abuse that can happen with that.
  3. It is a problem we are aware of.

[48:12] Will there be an arena for GvG?

  1. Not specifically for guild.
  2. Can utilize the team battle system.
  3. Can enter a 5v5 as a team.

[48:49] Will there be collection quests?

  1. yes

[49:00] If I have a freehold on a land that is primarily elven can I change my freehold to like a different races?

  1. Yes

[49:07] How impactful are the social organizations going to be?

  1. No
  2. They will be like religion, and have a tree to follow, at times they may not be in agreement and there may be conflict.
  3. Not full society against society war.
  4. Intrigue kind of war rather than an open war.

[50:08] Can you own business chains across nodes?

  1. No
  2. You can only have a single freehold, however you could license the name and work with others to form franchises.

[50:39] How many players will be able to be rendered on screen at one time?

  1. Unreal has a lot of mechanics to have client-side render characters.
  2. Will be a “a lot”. No hard numbers.

[51:26] Will ships be player-craftable?

  1. Yes

[51:38] Will there be a scribe or anything similar? (Scrolls, Books)

  1. Yes.
  2. tell the story from their point of view

[52:08] Will there be a chance for a summoner to tame an epic boss?

  1. No.
  2. Might be able to do something with appearances.
  3. Will have an appearance shop for summons.

[53:04] Will there be other pack mounts besides what is in kickstarter

  1. Yes.other pack mounts besides KS
  2. Yes

[53:11] Will there be penalties on armor/differences

  1. Yes. Different armors have different stats.

[53:37] Will players be able to choose different voices for their characters.

  1. Few presets

[53:57] Will currency have in-game weight?

  1. No

[54:04] Can a single player advance a node if noone is around?

  1. Meant to be community driven. No.

[55:03] Closing

  1. Notes:
    1. Next week on Tuesday and Thursday
    2. Last week!
    3. See you on Tuesday.
    4. *Plays awesome music again*