Ashes of Creation Kickstarter Livestream 2017-05-24

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Notes: [1]



  • Notes:
    • 8 Days left in Kickstarter 2.3M dollars raised
    • Streams will be twice per month following kickstarter
    • Questions from Twitch chat and Discord today
    • Footage being shown, Predator class hunting
    • Discord has 13 thousand members

Discord and Twitch Chat Q&A

[10:00] Can you build a shrine on your freehold

  1. Possibility, tied to unlock.
  2. Can help further progress you in system
  3. Players can visit your shrine for religious benefits

[11:09] What type of tavern games will there be

  1. Parlor games reflect the race in a node
  2. Each race will have some type of parlor game

[11:50] Will we get to choose our pet’s breed?

  1. We want them to stand out as the exclusive kickstarter pet.
  2. Will be a unique specific pet with color/texture
  3. Have not decided breed
  4. Possible vote for kickstarter members to determine breed
    1. Favorite cat: Steven : British shorthair

[13:14] Can we see items dropped on the ground to pick up?

  1. Probably not. Requires a lot of work on the art team to make the meshes.
  2. Abusable

[14:15] Can you list the types of weapons?

  1. Spellbooks
  2. Orbs
  3. Staves
  4. Daggers
  5. 1h 2h swords, axes, maces
  6. We want to have a role for each weapon in the game

[15:22] Hunting provide buffs and food?

  1. Yes it will provide buffs.
  2. We are not going down the survival route, you will not need to eat to survive.
  3. Not all recipes will be known by the player. Experimentation.
  4. Nodes could require food as well as other resources to progress

[17:08] Will there be player ship building?

  1. Yes, there is.
  2. Ships, siege engines, weapons, armor, all built by players.

[17:40] Can you expand on tanking mechanics?

  1. Tanks will focus on controlling the battle
    1. “Make brick walls”
    2. “Manage the battlefield”

[18:35] Will there be player owned taverns?

  1. Yes

[18:42] Will there be a spear and shield combo?

  1. One-handed spears currently not in.
  2. Had to cut, too many weapons.
  3. Possibly later

[19:30] Expected time to reach max level?

  1. Diffiicult to say.
  2. Not get to max level in a day, week, probably not a month.
  3. 40-45 day range “feel”
  4. Leveling will be part of your experience
  5. Will not be a grindfest 100%

[20:30] Can you use a mount from level 1?

  1. Technically you could
  2. You probably would not get a mount at level 1
  3. Depends on Animal husbandry people
  4. May be questline that grants access to mount
    1. Possibly around level 5ish

[21:40] Kickstarter mounts? Can use them on Day 1?

  1. They replace the appearance of mounts in-game.
  2. You replace your horses you would obtain in-game with the skins from Kickstarter

[22:30] Will there be a boss able to destroy a metropolis?

  1. Monsters cannot destroy or delevel nodes.
  2. Can disable services of a node
  3. Deleveling etc reserved for sieges

[23:20] Will there be any way to upgrade weapons (like enchanting)?

  1. We’ve decided there is over-enchanting in the game
  2. There will be risks involved

[24:00] Plans for native Linux support?

  1. Not out of the box.
  2. Focused on windows environment

[24:20] Will crafters be able to determine what their items look like?

  1. Could have an item creation suite like the character creation suite.
  2. Something they are looking into
  3. Mentioned possible stretch goal

[25:10] What will the average boss count be?

  1. Far more than 13 bosses in the world.
  2. Dungeon could vary from 1 to 13.

[25:54] Will there be skill trees and stat points?

  1. There are skill trees.
  2. There is some type of point system, allocate points.
  3. Could be points or slots, put into a web or tree of skills
  4. We do have stat allocations. Working on this system
    1. “Smart tank” or “dexterious mage”

[27:05] Will there be scythes?

  1. Not on our list.
  2. Currently a lot of weapons in the game.

[27:47] Will there be elements (e.g. fire, water) and resistances?

  1. There will be elements that have resistances etc.
  2. Some elements may have more strength in environments
    1. Using a frost ability in winter may have more kick

[28:23] Will we be able to save character customizations?

  1. You can save your appearances and share them. There is a save.
  2. Prior to launch possibly saving character looks to be ready for launch

[29:20] How will the solo experience be for the support class?

  1. It will be “awesome”

[29:51] Will we be able to place furniture freely in our house?

  1. Absolutely.
    1. Furniture, art, trophies, cosmetics

[30:10] Will there be fishing boats?

  1. You can do fishing from the shore.
  2. Would love to add fishing boats.
    1. Fishing vessel

[31:44] Because KS was very successful(nearly triple of goal), can we hope for a slightly earlier release date?

  1. No.
  2. Want to make sure we have enough room to get it done.
  3. Measure twice, cut once.

[31:41] Will there be metropolis nodes in the underrealm?

  1. There are Nodes in the underrealm
  2. There is a potential for underrealm metropolis.

[32:05] With the profession system trinity, can we have a character per role and do it all?

  1. Character-based. You can technically have multiple characters focusing on different things.

[32:45] When can we expect to see summoner and Bard gameplay?

  1. You can expect new content twice a month in broadcasts.

[33:32] Explain the dye system?

  1. One is for kickstarter(unique colors), not accessible in-game
  2. Pretty traditional system
  3. 8 unique armor pieces displayed on a character
  4. Once you use a dye its gone.

[34:32] Explain the friend system?

  1. Private Messages
  2. Groups
  3. Chat
  4. PMs

[35:13] Will classes be balanced to avoid cookie-cutter builds?

  1. 100%
  2. Balancing is important.
  3. Want to make sure there is a role to be had for every specific situation
  4. Some things they are discussing in backend

[37:05] Will there be a deserter debuff for leaving a siege?

  1. No.
  2. Morale is an important aspect of any leader.

[38:00] Will there be halflings or gnomes?

  1. None of the races are specifically node or halfling

Gameplay Video

[38:08] #Mage running through a village at night

  1. Seasons changing
    1. Snow
  2. Rogue running through the village
    1. Running around outside in the environment
      1. Hunting Creatures (deer) with a bow

[39:20] Will there be element based mages (e.g. blood, fire, etc…)?

  1. Not as an element.

[39:43] Will there be /roll for loot?

  1. Absolutely

[40:03] Can people who paid over $2,500 have their usernames glow?

  1. No.

[40:50] Where will the servers be located?

  1. Launching with EU, NA, Oceanic
  2. Other locations dependent on interest[2]
  3. Very early right now to determine locations

[41:30] Is civil war a possibility within a city without an external siege?

  1. There can be a political war within a node.
  2. Players can only declare citizenship to one node.
  3. Populations can fluctuate.

[42:24] If a players subscription runs out and they have a freehold, will it be lost or dissapear?

  1. There will be a grace period
  2. There will be a mechanic for tax collection on in game assets, if its on automatic, there will be a system in place for defaults.

Forum Questions

[43:17] Will players be able to give their kickstarter packages to other players or sell them

  1. No
  2. They will be account-locked
  3. Can possibly give friend a chance for design things like a quest

[44:14] Will monsters drop gold or items or mob specific crafting materials?

  1. Depends on monster in regards to gold but all others are possible
    1. A wolf will not carry a sack of gold
  2. Local economy could affect drops from mobs

[45:10] Will there be diminishing returns (e.g. CC and condition) in PvP?

  1. Yes, in regards to PvP
  2. Necessary component for certain classes
  3. Want a play/counterplay feel to combat

[45:50] Will an upcoming KS goal be language translations?

  1. Will be naturally based on interest from those regions.

[46:27] Will a player be able to level through only crafting?

  1. PvP
  2. PvE
  3. Crafting may get it
  4. Exploration may get it
  5. Collecting may get it
  6. Participating in node events may get it

[47:08] Will there be benefits doing the same archetype for both primary and secondary choices?

  1. Depends on what role you want to play
  2. If you want to further identify as a pure mage, go mage/mage
  3. You are giving up something for that benefit

[48:00] When the location is revealed to bounty hunters due to corruption, is it specific or an area?

  1. Depends on your progression within bounty hunter system
  2. Expert bounty hunter will get really specific locations
  3. Requires a lot of balance

[48:47] Will there be boob sliders?

  1. There is a “booby” slider.
  2. Yes, but it is race specific there will be limitations.

[49:41] How long and effort for a node to reach a Metropolis?

  1. Depends on the effort of the community
  2. Depends on how much counter-effort
  3. Depends on whether other nodes are stifling growth
  4. With a nominal number of players, ideally a couple of months
    1. So many variables, hard to estimate

[50:43] If skeptical in KS, due to prior MMORPG KS projects that have failed, what is your elevator pitch to encourage higher pledges?

  1. Look at our pillars of design, see if it interests you
  2. Look at our team
  3. Few new hires being announced next week
  4. They’re doing this out of a passion project
  5. Upset about other mmos.
  6. Very clear on their vision

[52:40] If a node is built and destroyed multiple times, will the content unlocked be different?

  1. No. Questlines within a particular node will be the same unless things change in other nodes.
  2. Racial aspects can change and will effect things
  3. Buildings that were there last time can be rebuilt differently, determined by different governments.
  4. What other nodes are available in the world and what those unlock

[54:00] How will the marriage system work?

  1. Will delve into deeper in the future.
  2. Generically, combining the characters and what they can do together in freeholds, nodes, possibly.
  3. Not fully fleshed out yet

[54:56] How do you intend to deal with replication issues with UE4?

  1. Were ripping out most of the netcode Unreal has and putting in our own
  2. Were building it ourselves (net code)
  3. Epic games have allowed developers to have access to that code to be able to do that
  4. Unreal engine has tremendous support for developers
  5. Unreal has been used for Tera, Lineage 2, etc.
  6. Not really a problem
  7. Went into it knowing it was going to be needed (building from scratch)

[57:04] Will there be character limits?

  1. There will have to be from a database standpoint

[57:43] Predator stealth shimmer, is it viewable only to the player, or others too?

  1. Certain utility some classes have others dont
    1. Stealth will be detectable by classes who hold those abilites
      1. To greater or lesser degree
  2. Classes without those abilities will have a harder time detecting those characters.

[58:50] Closing

  1. Notes:
    1. Good to hear the questions
    2. 8 days remaining in kickstarter
    3. See us on Friday
    4. Next week changing schedule on Tuesday/Thursday next week.
    5. Thursday last day of kickstarter, want to make it big.


  2. Mithical_Jeffery_Bard_Interview_2017-09-05#10._.5B12:08.5D_Q:_Are_the_servers_going_to_be_region_based.3F_Like_NA.2FEU

All of the flora, fauna (creatures), structures, sounds, and weather define the environment players will explore.