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The process stage within the wiki workflow is where the information (typically from the gather stage) is processed by preparing additional content and distributing the content to more specific topic sections and/or pages.

Upload to YouTube

This step is typically only required for twitch streams, since they have a limited life on twitch and we need the videos to persist for the life of the wiki. Currently, Freezeman manages this step.

Once Intrepid posts the stream in their official YouTube channel, our YouTube video link is replaced with theirs.

Create Notes

While watching the video, transcribe the important information into bullet point fact statements.

Add Timestamps

While watching the video and reading the notes, add timestamps using the {{ts|1:0}} template. Timestamps should be placed in front of sentences throughout the notes and Q&A sections.

Distribute Information

  1. Prepare: Open the wiki into 2 browser windows
    1. Content Window: the page where the content is originating from
    2. Work Window: used for searching and updating the wiki pages
  2. Search: For each note, search the wiki for the topic that best matches the note content (e.g. armor, freehold, castle, etc..)
    1. First search for the most specific named topic that is in the originating note content (e.g. Breastplate of the Bulwark)
    2. If not found, search for a broader term (e.g. armor)
  3. Read: Read the page content that best matched the search to see if the originating note content already exists.
  4. Update: If the content doesn't already exist on the topic page or section, add it.
    1. If it does exist, then move to the next note.

Walk through Example

For this example, going to look at this note for the Alpha 1 Phase 1 battleground:

The originating note content is: Mode 1 - Battlegrounds last man standing (100 players per map), armor & weapons skills testing that have unique spells/skills attached that interact differently with terrain from defensive, utility and offensive standpoint. Be able to build and complete various structures.


Since the context is specific for Alpha 1 Phase 1 battleground and not AoC battlegrounds in general, the best topic for this would be where we cover the pre-release testing phases. More specific, searching for "alpha 1" gives us this list:

Aocwiki process example 1a.png

The best page within this context is most likely Release Phases, although you could easily check the others as well, until you discover that Release Phases is the best choice, since it already contains some Alpha 1 content, along with other test phase content.


Reading through the Release_Phases#Alpha_1_Phase_1, it pretty much covered everything except the last sentence: Be able to build and complete various structures.

Aocwiki process example 1b.png


Adding that line as a bullet point at the bottom of that battleground list with a reference back to the originating note page and section:

* Be able to build and complete various structures. <ref>[[PAX_West_Panel_2018-09-01#PvP_Modes_in_Alpha_1_Phase_1]]</ref>

The new text now looks like this:

Aocwiki process example 1c.png

This note is done, and now we can move on to the next note on the originating page.