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General Guidelines

  • People from all around the world are probably going to read this wiki, and their first language is not always English. Avoid using colloquialisms and rarely used words.
  • This wiki is about factual information, not commentaries. Be as impersonal as possible and avoid opinionated comments.
  • Link words to articles. If a word in an article has its own page, link it to the page. However, that page should not be linked more than once in a particular section of the page, over-linking a page is unnecessary if the linked page can be viewed at least once on a single section.
  • Be professional. Use formal writing rules. Avoid contractions like Don't and Isn't. Use the full spelling.


AOC Wiki is now adopting Wikipedia's date and number conventions.

* For consistency, all dates should be in the following format:

Syntax: YYYY-MM-DD
Example: 2017-05-01
  • Prefix months and days 1-9 with a 0.


The following icon templates are currently available:


  • Use list formatting where applicable to make content easier to read and to break up walls of text.

Page Types

Different page types require different page formats. See the following examples:


  • All content MUST reference a source. This eliminates false speculation and misinformation, while providing true facts regardless if the information is subject to change.
  • Try to source internal notes as much as possible.
  • For Discord comments, post the text, then take a screenshot and upload to your imgur account. Use that imgur image link as your reference.
  • Source screenshots should be 1000 pixels wide, scale them if you have to but make sure they are not poorly compressed.
  • Use the <ref>...</ref> tags at the end of the referenced content.
  • If the same Image source is used more than once on a page use: <br />&nbsp;&nbsp; inside of <ref>...</ref> to put the link under the numbers so the source images are lined up better. (3 spaces total, 2 code spaces and 1 regular one right before the image link) Example
  • If a source link is too long and bleeds off the page to the right then you can shorten it [[Long_internal_link_aoc_q&a_...| Shortened text]]. Example. Copy the beginning of the link to use as the text so it can still be seen where it redirects. At the very least make links short enough to fit on a 1920p screen.
  • Internal vs external sources


Using templates are a great way to save time and provide consistency throughout the wiki.

Frequently Used Templates

  • {{cleanup}} If you see a page that could use some cleanup on grammar and content, insert this template on the top of the page.
  • {{stub}} If you see a page that contains two lines or less, insert this template on the top of the page.
  • {{video missing notes}} If you see a video page that is missing notes, insert this template on the top of the page.
  • {{video missing time indexes}} If you see a video page that is missing time indexes, insert this template on the top of the page.


  • Twitch videos expire, but are often saved to youtube, which don't. So, always link the youtube video if it exists.
  • If there are several videos in the same section on a page then reduced wasted space by having two videos on the same line. To do this align the first video on a line to the right and leave the second one unaligned. Example.


All uploaded image file names should adhere to the File Names conventions.

[[File:HWjT0Po.png|640px|frameless| link=]]

will give:


You can click on this image and it will open the original resolution file.

"Upload a file" is on the left sidebar, under Tools.

Keep the thumbnail at 640px to be mobile friendly.

  • External image links must be https://


  • First off get permission to use someone's work, especially if the wiki is hosting it, you can't just upload someone's image. If someone did a video interview then link to their youtube channel.
  • Credit the author under their content, but make the credit smaller than the regular text so it's differentiated. Code example:

<span style="font-size:80%">Image credit to [ Shaze] for improving the [ original image].</span>

  • Written interviews should not be a copy and paste of the original, digest the content and create cliff notes, but be mindful of the search function and make sure key words are preset.

Looks like: Image credit to Shaze for improving the original image