Afker Games Interview 2017-06-22

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Full Interview [1]

  • Posted by Ronald Mina


  • Jeffrey Bard is the Lead Game Designer for Ashes of Creation
  • His Favorite games were Adventure!, Indiana Jones, Pac-man, Berserk. Combat was his first.
  • He always wanted a career that was not boring.
  • First job in the industry was and entry level position at Sony Online Entertainment
  • His process is ‘big picture’ backwards, start with goals, themes, story.
  • Using Flowcharts / post its to find holes
  • Influenced by The Dark Tower by Stephen King, Neal Stephenson’s earlier works, Neil Gaiman, Transmetropolitan, anything by David Lynch, Infinite Jest, FLCL, Lain, the Illuminatus! Trilogy, the Evangelion series
  • It's the golden age of gaming
  • Favorite game is Final Fantasy Tactics with Deus Ex series,
  • And Ashes of creation will be unlike anything you've ever played.