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Player accommodation in Ashes of Creation includes:

Player housing

Pre-alpha Empyrean freehold homestead.[1]

Players will have the ability to survey and develop land anywhere in the world. Be a pioneer deep in the wilderness, build the home of your dreams, and work the land to cultivate resources and supplies. Alternatively, stick with civilization and safety in numbers – purchase a home within the confines of a village and watch your investment grow as that village turns into a city. Homeowners in our game will have the ability to develop their plot of land as they see fit. Focus on farming, animal husbandry, or own your very own smithy. You’ll be able to specialize your land to maximize your profits or your comfort – be sure to choose wisely.[2]

Player housing is player-owned accommodation in the form of Apartments, Freeholds, Inns, and Static housing.[4][5]

A player may own up to one of each type of housing simultaneously.[6][7] Static housing and Apartments are one per server; Freeholds are one per account.[8]

Types of player housing

Player housing Type. Availability. Starting count. Limit.
Apartments Instanced.[5] Village stage and higher.[9] 50.[10] One per character per server.[8]
Freeholds Open world.[5] Village stage and higher.[5] Low thousands per server.[11][12] One per account.[8]
Inns Instanced.[13] Starting areas and Nodes.[4] Most accessible.[4] -
Static housing In-node.[5] Village stage and higher.[5] 8.[10] One per character per server.[8]
If you were to think about the level of exclusivity between the different types of housing that we have, obviously the most exclusive when it comes to a quantity is going to be Freeholds, followed by In-node housing, followed by Apartments, then followed by Inns.[14]Steven Sharif


Inns/public houses are default service buildings that come pre-built with nodes.[17]. Inns are also present in starting areas and as business buildings on freeholds.[4][5][15]

Inns are something that are also available even around the starting areas before you have an opportunity to go out into the node zones... It provides players with additional storage, they have some limited furniture application that are on a per-room basis depending on the type of room you rent at an inn.[4]Steven Sharif

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