2020-05-31 Video - Pre-Alpha Gameplay in 4K

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Pre-Alpha 4K GM Gameplay, 31 May 2020.

Glorious Fellow MMORPG Fans, We wanted to give you some solid and RAW uncut, gameplay footage in 4K of the Pre-Alpha MMO! Please keep in mind a FEW things as you watch; First and foremost, this IS pre-alpha footage and that means you will see many bugs, the game is still largely unpolished and not optimized since our primary focus is testing core systems and functionality. You will see mechanics implemented that are not intended design, this is purely for testing certain code (IE flagging, crafting, caravans, etc). Many things will change and Art/FX will get polished up before our Alpha One release late this year. Also, we may have cheated a little bit with some GM powers, in order to show you around a bit more during the playthrough :) Verra is starting to come to life! Hope you enjoy!Steven Sharif

System Specs: the footage was recorded on: 1080TI, i7 7700, Ultra Wide 4k resolution, Ultra Graphics settings in game.

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