2018-05-01 Newsletter

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Glorious Ashes Community,

Can you believe it has already been one year since the start of our Kickstarter? We cannot either honestly. It feels like only yesterday that we were in the midst of one of the craziest days of our lives! Ashes of Creation has come a long way since May 1st 2017, and we are proud to report that the project is on schedule and making remarkable progress.

Much has happened over the past year. For starters, when we began our Kickstarter, the team working on Ashes was only 12 people strong. As of this week, Ashes of Creation now has over 75 people working on the project. As you may know, it isn't easy scaling up a project that quickly. But Intrepid has been fortunate in attracting some of the most talented developers that the industry has to offer.

We attended PAX West, GDC and PAX East to show off the progress of our development. The passion from our fans has been astounding, and continues to inspire the team to hit our goals and deliver a game that will make you proud.

Our Alpha Zero testing phases that we began in December of 2017, has been a tremendous success. We have implemented the launcher and downloader for the game, seen over 100 players logged into a single zone with nearly 4,000 NPCs, and had player progression to level 10 with an early iteration of our node system up and working. We have seen above optimal server performance during these tests and have now moved on to preparing the first phase of our Alpha One launch, which we announced for 4th Quarter of 2018.

We will go more in depth with a look back at the past year on our stream this May 4th at 3pm PDT, on Twitch, so make sure to tune in and we will see you then!

With Appreciation,

The Intrepid Team

Pre-Order store updates

Tomorrow is your last chance to grab the April cosmetics shown below in our Pre-Order store!


We have officially launched the Ashes of Creation pre-order store! The store offers 4 unique and limited packages, which grant access to our Alpha and Beta phases. Each month these packages will change, offering a limited time cosmetic set. These cosmetics will change every month on the 2nd all the way up until launch. If you own a previous month's package or are a Kickstarter or summer backer, you are able to add the cosmetics found in our monthly pre-order packages as add-ons. The cosmetics in the packages below are limited and will not be available again for purchase after tomorrow!

Everyone here at Intrepid is committed to creating the MMORPG of your dreams, and we are hard at work building Ashes. We cannot thank you all enough for the passion and support you have shown this project. We have a long road ahead of us, and we will continue to keep you updated with the progress of our development. With love from everyone at Intrepid, Thank you!


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