*PRE-ALPHA* Gameplay Shown from Live Stream 2017-05-30

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Notes: [1]

  1. Geoffery Bard, Pete Palone & Jennifer Bridges.
  2. Game play walk through of a town with an amazing quest.

Game Play Video

  1. [0:20] The tavern is the center of the action. The quest requires them to go and kill deer (Guardians of the forest).
  1. [8:03] This quest is a node specific quest. This meat will allow the inn to prepare and provide meals to players who visit there. The more people who do the quest the more meals the inn can provide. Although you don't need to turn in this meat, you can keep it and experiment with is as well.
  2. [8:34] You will notice that the lore behind this meat allows players to see a little bit into the future, this effect will be on anything made with this meat as well.
    1. You can take this meat back to your freehold (if you have cooking set up there) and experiment with recipes and cook it yourself.
  3. [16:44] Game Play Video moving to a dungeon. with a water aspect and infested with undead.

[27:08] Twisted Rabbit monster coin used.

    1. The way Monster Coins are used in this demo, is not how they will work in the game. Monster Coins will not allow you to immediately spawn. There will be events in the world that will allow people who hold the monster coins and participate as a monster. There are 3 different tiers of events. Events will run even if no players participate as a monster, the AI will take over in those cases.
      1. legion
      2. elite
      3. epic

Questions & Answers

[10:35] You said that you wanted each weapon to have a unique effect to make each of them to have a purpose, can you please elaborate?

  1. Each weapon will have a role to play, there are several axis's attributes and aspects that weapons have. Some are physical and magical, some on piercing, slashing, etc.. So each will play a role in battle. and will have its own flavor and reason for being. Some weapons will have conditions that can be applied based on the weapon you have chosen.

[14:26] Could we see an Indian open world proximity based voice chat at launch, or ever?

  1. probably not, but we are including a group and raid based voice over IP that players will be able to use.

[17:02] You mentioned there will be multiple armor slots, does this mean there will be separate arms, chests and leather pieces in addition to gloves boots and headgear or is it different pieces that you can mix and match?

  • Different Chest, arms, hand, wrist head, back, legs, etc..

[19:02] Will there be different starting zones for each race or will it be the same for all races?

  • Different starting zones for each race. Each will start with your super race and eventually you will meet up with your sub-race specifically.

[20:00] Can you use you freehold as a ranch for marketable purposes, like breeding and raising livestock?

  • Other peoples live stock? A bit Yes and No. You can Raise animals and sell the bi-products.

[23:43] Will weapons be locked to particular classes? Or are weapons lot set?

  • Mostly weapons are class agnostic, but some classes naturally aligns with some weapons better than others. Those choices can be informed by your subclasses as well.

[24:39] What plans are there in place for instance raids?

  1. Strong focus on open world, but there will be instanced content that will cross all levels of play.


  1. [29:40] We hope you enjoyed the very Pre-Alpha game play.


  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C2MbthCZSW7RVWncrVdylLyoLbpHhJ4AvHgOrjVbTXY//