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A Tank's job is to control a fight, to help the party mitigate incoming damage, and to dictate who is getting hit. They can take an unconscionable amount of punishment, and woe to those who ignore their commands.

Tank Skills[1]

  1. Taunt - Draw Aggro from a Target
    1. Can be single target or AOE
    2. Will play into the tank's role of controlling the battlefield
  2. Wall - Cover Ability
    1. A Way to force enemies to engage the tank
    2. Slam foot on the ground and create a wall in the direction of the tanks choosing, targets hitting the wall will be knocked down and take damage, giving the tank aggro.
  3. Lasso - Pull Target
    1. Will work in conjunction with the wall (Pulling targets into the wall will knock them down and create aggro)
  4. Shield Bash
    1. Damage and knockdown effect
  5. Unnamed 5th Ability
    1. Raise shield to the sky
    2. All party damage is directed towards tank for a time.
  6. Super Hero Jump - Ultimate Ability
    1. Jumps into air and slams down
    2. As he lands he will throw out lassos into the forward arc pulling all targets in the arc towards him
  7. Utility Skill
    1. Perception check that is a threat detection.
    2. Determine the area that the skill is used and the tank will get information as to what will aggro the party, any ambushes that may be in the area.
    3. Will need to be used strategically as it will not be spammable.


Disclaimer: These abilities are just a part of a prebuilt kit that will be shown at PAX

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Tank FAQ

What are you going to do to ensure tanks are relevant in PvP? [2]

  1. When we talk about relevant, it’s “do they do so little DPS that they can’t kill anybody”
  2. There are a lot of roles that relate to PvP (Tanks = Control)
  3. Switching targeting, blocking off terrain, etc
  4. Every class that we are building, those archetypes have a relevant place in PvP.

[4:00] Combat, Tanking, You mentioned before that tanks will have an ability that will make them force targets to attack them instead of a weaker target?[3]

  1. How exactly does that work?
  2. Blocking can refer to incoming damage or projectiles or hits that are against you personally or you ability to project control over the battlefield like creating zones and walls on the battlefield.
    1. Creating collision zones, walls etc.
    2. Skill to jump back and drop a wall that has collision with players.
    3. Walls will perform a collision effect.
  3. If they need to stop a charge they can probably do that in a number of ways,
  4. Trying to deny people entry to areas, and taking damage on the behalf of other
    1. Taunt skill - force people to target swap

[7:30] Will tanking be reserved to the class that you have or will it be possible to create a hybrid tank with a mage for example?[4]

  1. Tanky mages will generally speaking not be able to keep up with a full-tank.
  2. Mage tanks will be able to have some options for mitigating and reducing damage.
  3. Off-tanks are possible, there is a gradient between off tank and full tank.
  4. Mage tanks may be viable depending on the situation.


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