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Edit credit to Shaze.


Rogue/Ranger(Predator) Gameplay


  • Invisibility (Rogue primary)

Utility skills

  • Spy Glass
  • Rogues will be able to find hidden treasure[2]


Rogue FAQ

[03.:44] Rogues, will they have different types of poisons that they can apply to daggers and bows?[3]

  1. I really like poison play, theme in some of the skills.
  2. Whether you can have customized types of poisons based on applicable items to weapons or used on skill creation is a potential won’t know until later.

[09:40] Predator, using a bow, Ranger augments the Rogue's ability. Does it require you to use the bow?[4]

  1. The secondary class takes existing skills and changes the flavor.
  2. Took a backstab skill and applied the ranger’s ranged capability created that critical , burst damage into a ranged skill. So you’d have to use the bow.
  3. Will be able to have melee and ranged weapons equipped at the same time.

Rogue Concept Art





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