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In such a dangerous world. a Cleric is never wanting for friends. They can protect their allies in a number of ways, and when necessary, snuff the life out of others. Masters over the very essence of life, they can sense the broken and corrupted.

Cleric Skills[1]

  1. Spot Heal
    1. Heals small chunk of HP
    2. Applies Heal over Time with Proximity Damage over time to nearby enemies
  2. Life Balance
    1. AOE Template
    2. Removes HP from Enemies and restores it to Allies
  3. Party HP Balance
    1. Averages and equals out the HP of the whole party
  4. Chain Heal
    1. Target an allied member and launches a line of heal which can jump between party members.
    2. Enemy near allies healed will take a burst of damage.
  5. Endow Life
    1. Resurrection which can be quick cast on a living party member
    2. If they die within the timer of the buff, they will be resurrected.
    3. Can be cast on dead players with a cast timer
  6. Divine Form - Ultimate Ability
    1. Cleric Rises for 5 seconds in the air
    2. Grants party members within the radius a Heal over Time and increases heals and damage over the duration of the skill
  7. Utility Skill
    1. Environmental Cleansing or Purge
    2. Removes Environmental Damage caused by Cursed Areas.


Disclaimer: These abilities are just a part of a prebuilt kit that will be shown at PAX

RRLx3kr.png guZj3sK.png

PAX Concept Art


Developer Quotes

Will I be able to heal without leeching experience?[2]

  1. Yes , Drive by heals


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