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  • There are currently five Castles in the game[1]
  • These Castles will have a predetermined location and terrian [2]
  • 3 Military Nodes that the Controlling Guild can Develop and Use.[3]
    • Enhance the Castle's Defenses [3]
    • Cannot Develop Past Stage 4 (Town) [3]
  • Castles have dedicated nodes around the castle which they exert some economic control over, can tax those areas and allocate them towards defense of the node.[1]
  • Castles can activate events and abilities, and unlock certain types of buildings[1]


  • Castle Siege's happen once every month.[4]
  • Each node tied to the castle experiences a siege prior to the castle siege, with one node under siege for a week for the three weeks leading up to the castle siege.[4]
  • Attackers can try to destroy what the guild has built in each node to try and weaken the defenses of the castle when it's siege comes later in the month.[4]
  • Being a member of the guild will automatically make you a garrison of the caslte nodes and castle itself.[4]
  • Castle Siege's are intended for guilds.[5]
  • Backing out of a Siege will lose all the resources you put in to start the siege[6]


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